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Moving from abroad (immigration)

Are you moving from abroad to Heumen or you will stay a minimum of four months in the next six months, Netherlands, you must personally register within five days of arrival at the municipality. Do you have a partner and/or children who also need to be registered, then they too must go in person to register. You will then be registered in the basic registration (all of them) people (BRP).


Each one must come in person to the Town Hall. Always make an appointment by telephone. Call 14 024 (from abroad + 31 24 358 83 00).

Take Away

  • one of the completed forms for each person registered is:
    Form location from abroad
    (Dutch/French/German/English/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Turkish and Chinese) (pdf, 3,5 MB)
    Form location from abroad
    (Dutch/Polish/Russian/Czech/Slovak/Romanian/Bulgarian/Serbian and Hong owners/Farsi) (pdf, 1,5 MB)
  • valid ID of every person registered is. Those persons should present all at the appointment
  • proof of deregistration (this is only necessary if you comes from Aruba or the Netherlands Antilles)
  • rent or purchase agreement of your home or if you move someone: consent of the main tenant (pdf, 137 kB)
  • would you use the name of your partner: name use request form (pdf, 106 kB)
  • original documents of life events in your time abroad of yourself and of your child (ren), for example, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate. You may be asked to provide additional information and supporting documents. Documents from abroad often have to bear stamps and signatures (authentication). This is country dependent and there are exceptions. For more info on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Or ask the timely at the municipality after. They can tell you exactly what to bring and what conditions must be met for the documents. It's a good idea to arrange these matters already if you have abroad; it is quicker and easier than from Netherlands.


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